A bit of humanity


I saw phone numbers that I did not recognise flashed on my phone screen as I was discussing work with a colleague.

I contemplated whether to answer the call. As other introverts may tell you, we generally don’t like calls when we are deeply focused on something.

I picked up the call and I was glad that I did.

It was a call from an acquaintance I have known since the beginning of my law career. It has been years since we last spoke. She called for a quick catch up after hearing about my career move. She didn’t ask anything from me other than to enquire about my well-being.

In my practice, I always deal with parties’ request for what is fair, what is reasonable, what is favourable to one party over another, what they want, etc. At times, it feels that everyone is demanding for something, whether the demand is reasonable or not.

A little bit of humanity such as getting a call outside my circle of family and friends with no request for anything from me makes me think, “hey, maybe it’s not always about business after all.”😆


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