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When I first started posting on Linkedin, I posted anything related to corporate law that crossed my mind, mostly M&A, corporate finance/equity capital market and company law. Occasionally I shared stories about being a corporate lawyer.

I gradually narrowed down my post to M&A and ECM. Nowadays, I post mostly on M&A.

I used to post with certain target audience in mind. Nowadays, I write mostly on what I read, think or learn on that day or over the course of the week.

I noticed that since last year, I have gained more followers from two countries, India and Vietnam, compared to other countries. I am curious to know why.

For India, my guess is that both the Malaysian and Indian legal systems traced their origins to the English legal system.

But Vietnam? I am guessing some principles, tips and insights relating to M&A apply regardless of jurisdictions.


This post first appeared on Linkedin on 10 May 2023.

Linkedin Post
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