What keeps you going?


An acquaintance asked me, “What makes you so passionate about M&A?”

I must have displayed an incredulous look on my face because the person immediately changed the question to something along the line “Okay, maybe not passion but what makes you so interested in M&A that you often write about it?”

Coincidentally, another person asked me a similar question on the same day. It’s common to experience burnout after doing corporate exercises years after years. The person asked me, “What keeps you going?”

I don’t think of myself as being passionate about M&A although I definitely have some interest in this practice area. What I am really interested in is getting better in what I do. As Angela Duckworth wrote in her book “Grit”, doing one thing better and better might be more satisfying than staying an amateur at many different things.

Sometimes the situations do not allow me to use the standard approach and I have to go further, whether by reading, discussing with others, asking questions and getting relevant information from clients or by other means.

I shared in my previous post how one M&A deal allowed me to look beyond warranties and indemnities and see what truly is on the line – someone’s lifetime work and the buyer and seller working together to come up with a fair deal for both.


Being part of something I consider meaningful keeps me going.


This post was first posted on Linkedin on 19 January 2023.

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