If you are a transactional lawyer, a lot of time is spent on formatting a document.

If your work includes preparing offer documents such as circulars and prospectuses, you have to ensure “perfect” formatting for all documents that are submitted to the authorities or issued to the public.

There are times I try not to notice the minor irregular spacing in draft submissions to authorities or offer documents.

I try to let it go. But it bothers me.

Eventually when I reach the end of the draft documents, I go back to the page/ paragraph that bothers me. I either adjust the formatting myself or ask other lawyers to adjust the formatting.

A lot of time is spent on formatting documents in particular if you do capital market work. Even if you try to ignore minor irregular formatting, other advisers will notice and ask for it to be amended.

No, there is no hourly charge for this. It’s just considered part of the job.


This post first appeared on Linkedin on 14 March 2023.

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