Introversion and Lawyering


Some seem to exude natural self-assurance, assertiveness, and confidence.

Others lean towards a more reserved, quiet, or introverted disposition.

I’m referring to lawyers.

If you identify with the latter category and you are starting out on your legal career, I want to say this based on my own experience:

It’s not that intimidating.

With time, as you accumulate knowledge and gain experience, you will find that speaking before a group of people seeking your advice or posing questions becomes less daunting.

You may discover that you are better prepared for meetings than your counterparts because you want to contribute substance when it’s your turn to speak, rather than merely relying on improvisation or “winging it”.

It is your responsibility to take charge of your own career.

However, if you look around, you will likely to find that there are more kindred spirits than you might initially think- colleagues who are willing to offer support and guidance as you navigate the legal profession.


This post first appeared on LinkedIn on 21 May 2023.

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