Why not?


Can I study law?

Can I study overseas?

Can we (my family) afford the tuition fees?

Can I get a place for pupillage?

Can I be a lawyer?

Can I be a senior associate?

Can I be a partner?

Over the course of my career, these are the questions I have asked myself and others have asked me.

The questions don’t end with partnership.

For those going through uncertainty during various stages of your career, instead of asking “Can I?”, maybe a better question is “Why not?”

Why not [insert whatever you want to do]?

I hope the following excerpt from David Epstein’s Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialised World would resonate.

“Don’t feel behind…

Compare yourself to yourself yesterday, not to younger people who aren’t you. Everyone progresses at a different rate, so don’t let anyone else make you feel behind. You probably don’t even know where exactly you’re going, so feeling behind doesn’t help.”


This post was first posted on Linkedin on 14 January 2022.

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